Serendipity Canyon

An OK beginner’s canyon. Serendipty itself is nothing special but it is a good introductory canyon. The beautiful and fun Wollangambe Two section of the canyon more than makes up for the average qualities of Serendipty.

I was surprised to find that there not only were there a couple of parties ahead of us, but also a large commercial party that had come in at the lower entrance point. I guess it’s the easy access that makes it popular.

Serendipity itself only takes a couple of hours which is then followed by an easy but lovely couple of hours float downstream through Wollangambe Two.

[Serendipity Canyon]

We took the upper entrance into Serendipity which adds one extra abseil - This is the first test of my brand new canyoning rope - a 9mm Edelrid Canyon, and Anton gets to perform the first Alpine on the rope.

After a short downclimb we got to a large area just above the second abseil which is where the commercial party entered the canyon with around 10 pundits.

[Serendipity Canyon]

Here Anton makes his way down the second abseil.

[Serendipity Canyon]

And some sections of the canyon are quite nice and cold!

[Serendipity Canyon]

The third abseil is bit tricky going through a small waterfall and ending up in pool where Anton gets to practice more alpining. From the first abseil to the last abseil it is only an hours trip.

If you take the exit back up the ridge then I’d rate this canyon as Meh! But if you choose to go downstream to the Wollangambe 2 exit it adds a really nice couple of hours floating and jumps and lots of fun along what is probably my favourite part of Wollangambe.