Joe's Canyon

A nice easy relaxing canyon in the upper Wollangambe which is a perfect beginners canyon. The walk in and out is quite short - around 45mins, it has has a couple of good constricted canyon sections and a good amount of lazy liloing. It could easily be done in a few hours, but if you take your time gently floating down the creek you can stretch it out to almost a full day.


We started from the Fire Station at around 9:15 arriving at the start of Joe’s at around 10:00 where we started blow up our lilos. Canyoning must be getting popular as Kangaroo Tent City - the usual outlet for lilos had sold out, so John and Ruby had no choice but to purchase these massive Coleman airbeds which took a good 20 mins to inflate. Here at the start of the canyon the girls are looking pretty excited and well, weird.


After some tight narrow sections which can be seen in the forthcoming GoPro Video, we finally reached Du Faur Creek where the lazy liloing begins.


A lot of the canyon has these lovely open sunny sections which are just made for laying back on your lilo and chilling.


These sunny sections are punctuated by some darker canyony sections which if you hit at the right time of day (middayish) are bathed in a narrow band of sunlight.


There are even these little caves on the sides of the canyon and if you look closely you’ll find ancient Aboriginal art depicting Cows????


Yet another splendid part of the Canyon.


The canyon did have to finally come to end with Amelia slowly drifting into the final beach at 14:45 before the short walk out up the hill. The girls did find the walk out a bit tiring but I guess that seeing as they’ve not done harder canyon that it might seem hard as opposed to the doddle that it is.

This really is a good introductory canyon suitable for young kids. The open nature of the canyon means that springsuits are a good choice on a sunny day.