Bowens Creek North Branch, Lower Section

Awesome. This is now in my faves list. With a short walk in and out, and a great canyon section you couldn’t ask for more.

It has a short walk in and out with a descent length of canyon section - albeit with few tricky bits so it wouldn’t necessarily make a great first canyon for newbies.

[Bowens Creek North Branch, Lower Section]

The jumps and abseils are fantastic - the third 20m abseil through the waterfall is just great and it is simply a lovely canyon - heaps of ferns throughout, dark and constricted in certain sections with a great lunch spot at the junction of the North and South branch.

We started at 9:20 and found the big Anthill soon after. The walk in track is well defined but its obvious that this canyon doesn’t get as much traffic as others. The walk down the gully is very pretty with a heap of ferns and darker than I would’ve expected. There are some cliffs to be skirted around with the muddy slippery track running close to edge, so great care is needed when walking along here. We bumped into a party of three about 5 mins after entering the gully - they had already suited up and the walking is not straight forward, needless to say that by the time they got to the junction of Bowens they were already pretty hot and knackered.

[Bowens Creek North Branch, Lower Section]

Dale had a little slip on the way down the gully bashing his shin which caused him to almost faint at the sight of his own blood. Kids these days! Naturally, the compassionate and understanding Scout Leader in me came out at that stage, so I advised Dale to suck it up and keep moving ;-)

We got to the junction of Bowens Creek at 10:30 then suited up and shot down the creek which offered the usual open creek style of rock hopping and scrub bashing. The first abseil appeared pretty quickly - a nice 5m abseil into a pool which can be jumped but be careful as it is only 2m deep. Apparently you can avoid this jump/abseil by climbing down a tree slightly further down on the right - But Why? The jump/abseil is much more fun.

The next abseil appears soon after from anchors high up on the right. Be careful getting there as it’s quite slippery. We of course only abseiled to the ledge below and jumped the last few metres into a lovely section of dark constricted canyon with a short swim.

The next abseil is a pearler. 20m smack down the middle of a waterfall into a pool. Awesome.

[Bowens Creek North Branch, Lower Section]

After a few more short swims, jumps and slippery log walks we got to the junction of Bowens Creek South and North branches at 12:30. A nice little beach in the sun - a perfect spot for lunch.

We then started up the exit gully at 1:20 which has a few tricky climbing sections, then up the short hill to join the fire trail at the top by 2:00pm. Then the usual boring walk along the fire trail back to the car at 2:35.

Here’s the GoPro Video.