Deathtrap Canyon

Day 2 of the annual Sydney North Region Canyoning Course and yet another canyon I hadn’t done before, with an end of day speed run through Twister. Awesome! The track to Deathtrap Canyon used to be an old logging road but it was now well and truly overgrown so the walk in was not straight forward.


Murray, having discovered that his Mohair Stockings were no match for the Australian scrub on yesterday’s canyon decided to play it safe and don his Arctic Polar Bear Pyjama Pants to repel the bush.


Nice pools at the start of the canyon.


Andrew in one of the pools.


Is there any particular reason that Chris Stanley decided to allocate all the Sydney North Region Rock Climbers to me?


Dom performs for the crowd executing a Front Salto.


The Cool little waterfall on the only abseil of Deathtrap.


Andrew about to head into the Abyss.

[2014/2014_11_23/20141123-_O141829_DxO Panorama.jpg]

Ciara on the abseil.


Followed closely by Murray.


Beautiful little birds nest.


The exit tunnel buried under a massive mound of boulders.


Near the end of the boulder jumble you can crawl underneath which is really interesting. I didn’t spot any Glow worms but I did spot an Andrew.

This is a great little canyon. After lunch we did a quick 1:20 minute Speed Return Run through Twister and I now rate this as a better canyon as it is still in a great condition. It doesn’t have as many fun bits as Twister, but on our Speed Run it was really noticeable how much Twister has deteriorated due to the sheer volume of traffic. The Rocky Creek Carpark was absolutely packed. It’s a real shame as Twister was such a lovely canyon but is now getting trashed.