Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons

This is the inaugural Tambo Canyoning Trip.The twelve of us set off from the Rocky Creek Car park at 10:30am and after a leisurely stroll arrived at the start of Twister Canyon around 11:00am when Adrian discovered that he’d had a bit of a Senior moment as he’d left his camera in car - Doh!. Good news though - Kim was in training for his marathon, so he offered to run back up the hill to retrieve it for me.

[Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons]

The Obligatory Group Shot taken at the start of Twister Canyon

We started into Twister Canyon at around 11:15am. I had only recently purchased a GoPro and decided that for it’s first trip it should be mounted on my helmet. Whilst this seemed like a really good idea, it only after I got home and started to edit the video that I realised that my head was wobbly as. Check out the video below to see lots of wibbly wobbly video.

Twister Canyon

The Twister Canyon section took about an hour. The grand finale of Twister is the final 3m jump into a small pool above a drop off. It took some of the Scouts a little while to get the nerve up to do the jump, but they eventually got there.

At the end of the Twister Canyon section, it opens up into a lovely wide creek with lots of ferns. Soon enough we get the to the Rocky Creek junction, with the start of the Canyon featuring a 4m jump into a large pool. We stopped here for lunch and left our packs. I soon discovered one of the shortcomings of the GoPro as the battery ran out just as I was doing the slide into the pool. I’ve got a second battery now :-)

Rocky Creek Canyon

[Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons]

The Slippery Slide into the Big Pool

After the slidey pool we went further down the canyon where it gets very dark, but by this stage a lot of the Scouts were getting quite cold despite the wetsuits so we turned around and headed backup to the start of Rocky Creek.

[Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons]

Paul and Rachel have a serious Father and Daughter discussion

[Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons]

The Other Obligatory Group Shot

Yet another great day at Rocky Rock.