Kanangra Main

Kanangra Main is my photography nemesis. When I last did Kanangra Main way back in 2008 with Greg and Paul I somehow managed to format my SD drive after a few too many Coopers around the camp fire and lost all my shots and so was keen to do it again. As Anton, Bec, Mike and I are due to do a Mountaineering Course in mid-January, this seemed like a good way to do some hill climbing in preparation. We decided to head up on Boxing Day arvo, so everything was a rush - I couldn’t find my Kanangra map so had to print one out, didn’t manage to get food prepared so a roast chicken from Coles was the best I could manage … Finally we departed at around 5:00pm and as we expected the Pizza place in Hartley to be closed, Mike and Bec bought some hideous potato scallops from the the Mt York servo - and what do you know? The Pizza place was open after all. So we had Pizza - how could you not?

We spent the night in the Tin Tent at Kanangra Walls and started off at around 7:10 am and began our day of mini-epics by walking past the turn-off to Kanangra Main not once, but twice! Someone had obviously stolen the cairn. So onwards to the falls where yet again we missed the turn off down the ridge.


Finally at the top of the falls I pull out my camera … So, to ensure that I didn’t accidentally repeat my previous mistake of 2008 and format my SD drive, I did the smart thing and simply left the SD card at home. Luckily Mike had one in his camera that he graciously loaned me!


Mike about to hurl the ropes into oblivion on the first big 50m abseil.


Looking back up the first abseil with the falls on the right.


Anton heads down the second big 50m abseil whilst the rest of us get eaten alive by a bizillion black ants.


The Slot as seen on the start of the third abseil.


The third abseil lands you in a pool of water which we all managed to avoid by swinging across to the other side. There’s a bunch of alternate anchors all over the place for the first three abseils but why would you bother if you have 2x 60m ropes?


The fourth abseil lands in a pool of water which I managed to avoid.


but the others didn’t


Bec on the fifth abseil.


I recall that the sixth abseil was done from high up which resulted in a nightmare rope pull. Someone obviously had great intentions by putting in a couple bolts which have been subsequently fubared by flood waters.


The new anchor is heaps better.


even if it does lead to a more awkward abseil.


Then a short swim leads to …


the next short 7th abseil and


BIG 50m 8th abseil.


We had lunch at the bottom where Mr Skinky hung around hoping for some King Island triple cream Brie.


Anton about to head over the awesome 9th abseil.


Mike on the awesome 9th abseil. This is definitely the abseil of the trip.


The 10th abseil.


The final 11th abseil - or is it???


Nuh - there’s an optional 12th.


Wait. I’m confused. Why is Mike on the final abseil of Kalang Falls??? Well, we had a minor navigational epic. Kanangra Main was pretty cruisey, but around 4pm it started raining, so rather than pull the crappy inkjet map out I used the map on my GPS which showed that we were past Kalang Falls so I figured we were at the correct gully. Well, as it turns out we weren’t, so we got a bonus 13th 50m abseil thrown in.

We finally decided to head up the ridge rather than Murdering Gully and got back to the car park at 7:45pm had some food then headed to Mt York and took advantage of the Tin Tent as we had to make an early start so that Mike could get to work the next morning. So 12 and half hours including our detour.