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You wouldn't know it from my website but my passion is Rockclimbing and has been for the past 35 years. I'm still climbing, not as hard and not as often, but I do try to get to the climbing Gym at least twice a week. When I do get out on rock - usually when I run a climbing course for the Scouts, I still do OK - you can check out my climbing profile here:

In production environments it is usual to setup a development environment and a production environment. Any changes are then tested on the Development environment first and then these changes are synchronised with the production environment.

Joomla does not provide a synchronisation mechanism but some of the site backup tools such as Akeeba allow you do a backup and then a restore. This works fine but is a pain as it can take ages for a full backup to be copied across the wire.

A list of gear aimed for Scouts undertaking a weekend, three day walk or Scouthike.