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You wouldn't know it from my website but my passion is Rockclimbing and has been for the past 35 years. I'm still climbing, not as hard and not as often, but I do try to get to the climbing Gym at least twice a week. When I do get out on rock - usually when I run a climbing course for the Scouts, I still do OK - you can check out my climbing profile here: https://www.thecrag.com/climber/akladnig

Canyoning, XC-Skiing, Bushwalking etc have mostly been fun diversions when it is too hot or cold to climb.

It may seem strange that I don't have any climbing photos or reports on this site but the fact is that when I go climbing, I don't want to be distracted by photography. I've found over the years that you either climb or you photo pfaff. You can't do both.

I've always climbed stuff - even from a very young age, but it was Scouts that gave me my first chance to do any real rock climbing. My very first climbs were at Mt Arapiles in 1978 during the 5th Australian Venture in Adelaide. What a cool place to start climbing! 

I was in Scouts from around the age of 10 through to my early 20s when climbing  took over. Scouts and Venturers were some of the best years of my life - I met my wife in Venturers and I got my Queen's Scout Award. Rovers wasn't as interesting for me as my Rover friends were more interested in 4wding, socialising and shooting Rabbits - not necessarily in that order, and I just wanted to go Climbing and XC-Skiing in Winter. 

Anyway - fast forward to the present and I'm back in the Scouting movement. First as a Scout Leader when my son Anton joined Scouts and now continuing on as the Rock Climbing coordinator for Sydney North Region. I am now in the privileged position of passing on my 35+ years of Outdoor knowledge and experience in Climbing, Canyoning, Bushwalking etc to the younger generations, giving them a chance to enjoy the great outdoors as I have done.

I've also helped organise a couple of DoE walks for North Sydney Boys which were a bit more adventurous than the usual DoE walks. 

Scouting is just as relevant today as it ever was and I personally find that the quality of the Adventurous Activity Leaders in Scouts is very high and easily rivals the commercial organisations out there - the only difference being that we do it for free!

Drop me an email if you're interested in knowing more about Scouting Adventurous Activities - or you can have a look here if you're in the Sydney region: http://sydneynorthscouts.com/activities/



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