Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons - 8 Feb 2014

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Aaren, Adrian, Alison, Anton, Ash, Brock, Chris, Ian, Ivan, Ivy, Jake, Martin, Pat, Steve, Tyler

Yet another annual Twister and Rocky Creek Canyon expedition with a cast of thousands!

Yep Thousands! By the time we arrived the car park was chockers - I have never seen so many cars here. We had 15 in our group and then with everyone else there would have been about 50 people all up. 

Of course the day didn't start to plan as a truck had crashed at Mt Tomah and the Bell's Line of Road was closed, so we had to go via the Great Western Road Works Traffic Jam instead. It wasn't that bad. We still got to the Rocky Creek Car Park at around 10.

Here we all are about to head down the canyon pretty much at the back of the pack of thousands.

A nice slippery slide entrance to the first nice cold swim. Seriously, why would you pay 75 bucks to go to Wet and Wanky when you can do this for free?

Ian takes a flying leap into the first pool.

Anton on the big slippery dip.

Ivy takes the plunge into the final exciting small pool of Twister Canyon


Anton contemplates the irrationality of e and why the sum of the infinite series 1+2+3+... is -1/12

Looking back up Rocky Creek from the lower half of the canyon.

 The final section of Rocky Creek is a 100m swim through a lovely constricted canyon which is rather dark.

A lovely little waterfall just before a pool on the way back up the canyon.

A commercial party negotiates its way up the the tricky twisty waterfall.

Who would've thought that this many people could fit on the rock platform at the start of Rocky Creek?

A garden variety skink keeps an eye on the canyoners on the walk out.

As usual a great day out, with the usual timing of 10:00 - 3:00 which we finished off with some nice Beer and Pizza at the Kurrajong pub.

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