Twister and Rocky Creek Canyons - 4 Feb 2012

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A few hours
Adrian and Amelia Kladnig, Ian and Sally Fenton

We originally planned this for the weekend prior but decided to postpone due to a forecast for rain. What a mistake - the Saturday ended up being OK and it rained pretty much continuosuly for the next week.  Anyway, the forecast for Saturday was good so we decided to go for it as Twister Canyon at least has a small catchment area.

We did expect the water levels to be high given all the rain but

surprisingly, the water levels in Twister were only marginally higher than expected.

We got to main carpark just after 10:00am and started off down to Twister at 10:30ish getting there about 30mins later.

Here are Amelia and Sally all suited up and ready to go!

The girls had a great time with the jumps and slides. As usual the jumps always seem a lot higher and it was only when the girls were putting the video together that they realised how small the jumps really were.

When we got to Rocky Creek itself at around 1:00pm the water levels didn't seem that high, so it was only when we got into the water that we realised how high the water levels were. Even the first tiny waterwall after the main jump into the first pool was a raging torrent but could be reversed.

The next largish twisty waterfall into the a large pool was pumping. Even with the handline, it would be impossible to reverse due to the volume of water.

If we were only a party of experienced adults we would've gone for it and would've done the round trip.

So we ended up only going about 100m or down the canyon. On the way back up one the guys from a group of three 20+ guys was having extreme difficulty getting back up the first waterfall - getting washed back downstream with every attempt and in need of assistance. I swam back up abnd prepared to throw him my hadnline but he finally managed it. Maybe the embarrasment of having two 12 year old girls watching him spurred him on.

The girls of course hopped on the lilo we brought along and I dragged them upstream.

They of course thoroughly enjoying themselves and giving the canyon a thumbs up.

But the walk out must've been a little tough!! Well, maybe not, we got to top at around 3:00pm.

Which was soon forgotten after a fun ride on the roof racks - luckily the Mothers weren't here to tell the Dads to behave ;-)

On the way back home we dropped in to the Lost City so that Amelia and Sally could practice their Star Jumps.

The Lost City is pretty spectacular with amazing pagodas that are typical of this region which is fairly close to "The Gardens of Stone" National Park.

Famished after a long day of cayoning we popped into the Kurrajong Heights Hotel for a bit of Meat Lovers Pizza and a well deserved Ale.


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