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Dalpura Canyon - 30 Nov 2014

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A few hours
Adrian, Ciara, Eddie, Matt, Mitchel, Murray

Today signalled the start of a week of daily thunderstorms. We were going to do Upper Bowens Creek South but with a forecast of storms and 15mm of rain from 10:30am Matt suggested we tackle Dalpura Canyon instead as this would give us time to get out before the storms hit.

The first part of Dalpura was pretty scrappy due to the fires from last October. According to Matt there used to be a really nice track leading into the canyon.

Ciara and Murray in a pretty section near the start of the canyon.

Nice little groove.

Ciara avoiding a swim.

Burnt out bush in between canyon sections.

This is it - Matt abseils in to the lovely pool.

The nice pool.


More attempts at avoiding getting wet.

The view from the end is fabulous and is about 30m past the exit track which heads right just before a final waterfall.

It only took 2:17 mins to do the canyon and we were not rushing. A great little canyon.

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